06.10.16: Special Teleconference Board Meeting

MTAA Special Teleconference Board Meeting 12:00 PM
Friday, June 10, 2016
Topeka Regional Airport, MTAA Administrative Office
6510 SE Forbes Ave., Building #620, Conference Room

  1. Inquire if Notification was given to all Requesting Notification of MTAA Board Meetings.
  2. Adopt Agenda.
  3. AIP Project #3-20-0113-35 - Topeka Regional Airport Runway 13-31 Reconstruction - Phase 1: (Board Action Required)
    1. Review Bids Received and Consider Construction Contract Award; and
    2. Consider Approval of Parsons Brinckerhoff Agreement Amendment for the Construction Engineering Services.
  4. Consider Philip Billard Airport Wildlife Hazard Assessment Contract Approval - AIP Project #3-20-0082-19. (Board Action Required)